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Melhores frases de games

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Vi uma vez um tópico semelhante em outro fórum e vinha pensando em fazer um aqui também. ^_^

Game: Xenogears - diálogo entre Jessiah e seu filho Billy.

"Billy, you know now don´t you? Stein's teachings were all a deception. That fabricated faith was just a worldly system for compensating those people with fragile souls. But, faith and god aren't things wich are given to you from others, right? They are things you have to discover whitin yourself. Things that cannot be put into words, things that cannot be expressed... Isn't that what god is all about? 'Question not thy god, for thy dot not respond.'"

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Arngrim : Valkyrie was burdened with a false destiny by the gods... And that is the result!

Lezard : If it all possible, I prefer to forge my own path through life, then call it "destiny" once the cards have settled...

---Valkyrie Profile

"The body is but a vessel for the soul,

A puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny,

And lo, the body is not eternal,

For it must feed on the flesh of others,

Lest it to return to the dust whence it came.

Therefore must the soul

Deceive, despise and murder men."

--A.J. Durai

(historiador do Final Fantasy Tactics, citado em Vagrant Story)

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