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Empresa Phorm (a.oix.net)

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Boa noite galera,

Essa semana me deparei com um problema: às vezes, ao acessar os sites de sempre, na barra de endereços, notei que existe um redirecionamento para o site a.oix.net até que o WOT (web of trust, add-on do firefox) me avisa que é um site perigoso. Daí, como deixei em bloqueio, passa para o meu site desejado. Bom, até aí, td bem, mas quando vi alguns tópicos na internet me assustei, porque parece não tratar-se de vírus ou spyware, mas algo muito pior. Essa Phorm é uma empresa inglesa que parece ter sido banida de alguns países por comercializar nossas informações, supostamente para empresas interessadas em publicar propagandas, pelo menos a desculpa seria essa. Acontece que essa empresa está entrando em um país do pode-tudo, cujo nome não citarei e fazendo parcerias com nossos mais conhecidos provedores. Por favor, alguém sabe como evitar essa invasão de privacidade? parece que mudar o DNS e usar um proxy também não adianta nada. Se quiserem, vejam alguns sites de informação de algum tempo atrás:



Como não tenho visto posts mais atualizados, gostaria de saber se alguém mais está vivenciando isso ou só eu.

Obrigado a todos

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It is a long thread.

CADE, unfortunately, has approved the partnership with both Oi, Velox, and Telefonica, Speedy. The case is now, or should be, with DPDC, MPF and CGi.

You have, or will have, new legislation on Data Protection in place soon.


This may not necessarily protect you from Phorm.

Status pages are at,



You will most likely be told,


However you still see references to and warnings about 'a.oix.net'. This has been seen both in Brasil and Romania. Phorm are also trying to establish themselves in Romania.

What is happening is that even though you are told it is 'not available in your region' they are still monitoring your internet connection, intercepting your communications, and at times will force a re-direct on a request for an image file within one of the pages you are visiting. That re-direct is via 'a.oix.net' and is done so that they can recover a 'cookie', if present, set by that domain to determine whether you have agreed to being 'profiled'.

If you use FireFox.. you do





These are screenshots provided by people in Brasil where the user has visited a webpage and the Phorm system has forced a redirect on one of the images to 'a.oix.net' in order to check for the presence of their 'cookie', your 'status'.

This happens even if it is 'not available in your region' and even if, it were 'available', you have refused to be 'profiled'. It is still possible, as a result, that your browsing could be tracked.

Unfortunately, as you have found, it is not possible to avoid this by changing DNS or using a Proxy. It is embedded in the Network between you and the Internet by your service provider, ISP.

The nature of Internet Provision in Brasil is such that although one possible course of action would be to change ISP you are unable to do so because companies have monopolies within those regions. As a result your ISP is allowed to abuse you.

Given DPDC and CGi are supposedly now considering this perhaps you might express your experience and concerns to them.



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Hello Keith,

I´ve seen all those posts, but as they were kind of old (2008-2011), I thought there could have been some solution in the meantime. Moreover, I experienced that problem only this week and never before, which is kind of weird since the problem exists for long time... Could you please try to explain why that happened to me? kind of confused...

Best regards


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Ooops, one more thing: They actually say they do not keep any personal info like IP address or bank account, passwords, etc, but in real life those data could be extracted by Phorm in case they want? That´s my main concern. So far, I woudn´t bother whether they have access to the sites I´ve been visiting. Could you tell me what could be the uncovered intentions?



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Olá Paulo

Why it has recently happened to you. I would not be certain but,


Phorm announced 'Commercial Deployment in Brazil' on 26/03/2010



This was probably as a result of preliminary 'approval' via SEAE and SDE of some kind of agreement/partnership with Oi. Otherwise it was just a trial.

CADE became involved and it is likely that this delayed the introduction of the 'service'.

Not the full story but,


They have been experimenting since and still appear to be doing so.

Why should you be concerned..

Sir Tim Berners-Lee


"Once it exists it can be used later for other purposes. All sorts of nasty things you can imagine happening. This information is incredibly valuable. There will be huge commercial pressure to release it"

Now it is on your Internet Connection. At best if you suffer the redirects, to servers based in the UK, that will slow your connection and cost you bandwidth.

Did they ask for permission or mention it before doing so?



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FOA, pls check this link --> http://www.istf.com.br/showthread.php/1510...vacidade-online

Fast solutions? Pls dld, install and run - if possible on a daily basis - the following freewares.

1-) CCleaner --> first screen --> clean using the default items (of course you can add a few more, but be care). You can use the normal version, or the SLIM (a thinner) one. --> http://www.baixaki.com.br/busca.asp?q=ccleaner&go=

I suppose - but I'm not sure - that extra tools for cookies and so are in the enhancer tool --> http://www.baixaki.com.br/download/ccleaner-enhancer.htm

2-) TFC by Old Timer (btw, TFC stands for TEMPorary File Cleaner) --> http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/files/file/...er-by-oldtimer/

3-) Privacy Mantra --> Clean whatever you want whenever you want! --> http://www.codeode.com/privacymantra.html

Best regards.

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